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Being a good and humble listener for your friend

Being a good listener is not easy, because sometimes people who talk about their problems just to reduce the burden of their mind without having to ask you to provide a solution for them, by telling their tight breasts to be a little relieved, their hearts are troubled to become a little clumsy. So wait whether he asks you to give a solution or not, if so, then you give an alternative solution without having to force it, hold on to the principle that the decision is still there, not your decision. Apart from that, you might need to see the excellent counseling service in Littleton, CO which is not too far from the University of Denver.

In addition, what you need to remember is that the person who tells the problem to us is not like a student who is constrained by a lesson and needs the help of his teacher, do not assume that it is as if you know the smartest, most mastering the problem. A situation like this, of course, will make someone feel uncomfortable to talk openly and frankly, because he feels lower than you, and feels he is treated like a child who knows nothing. To avoid the patronizing impression you must always remember that you are only a friend who is needed to share stories or dialogue about a problem, not the determinant of the best solution to the problem itself.