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Be a good keeper of secrets for your friend

If we are trusted, it is our duty to maintain the confidentiality of one’s problems without having to wait for the person to ask not to tell someone else, the temptation to tell someone else is very strong, but it’s okay to tell, as long as the story is told, not the problem. the person owns the problem, because who knows the other party can help if you can’t provide a solution. But it’s good if he asks for your help to solve the problem while you can’t help at all, don’t be shy to say it, it’s better you suggest him to counseling with experts rather than you ‘know-it-all’ which ultimately results in even more complicated problems.

Unfortunately, some people may think that a secret can be “safe” to be shared with others that they think can be trusted. When it happens, it seems like to cause a domino effect, which chains from one person to another. Thus, making the secret no longer to be “classified” anymore. Therefore, preventing any information sharing in the first place will always be the wisest decision, whenever you’re being trusted with a secret which belongs to your friend. Learn more about professional counseling.