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Two tips for becoming a good counselor for your friend

Maybe if you don’t realize it, you are often used as a place of heart for friends, of course, there is happiness for you to be a person of trust in listening and helping to solve other people’s problems, but do you know that not everyone can be a good friend, there are 2 references what you must have to be able to become a ‘counselor’ for someone. In the meantime, perhaps you should check out the excellent counseling service in Littleton, CO which is not far from Chatfield State Park.

Create good relations

When someone comes to see you, put on a sweet face that describes you happy with his arrival so that he feels comfortable and does not feel that he has disturbed your peace. Then ask something mild, for example: “Hi, how are you? How sad it looks, can I help you?” that way he will feel a little calm even though he hasn’t said anything.

Listen wholeheartedly

When he starts to say something, look at his face and not for your mind with other problems that give the impression that you are ignoring his complaint, even if you look at him.

Understanding and Empathy are necessary to hear your friend’s story

When someone tells us we often can’t wait to immediately comment or cut off the conversation and then immediately give a solution, even though he just said a few words, but you cut his words by saying: “okay I already know what you mean, just like this …… ” That is a bad thing, it’s good to listen to everything he wants to be conveyed until he asks for your response. It’s because if you go ahead or cut off the conversation, this can lead to a gap between what the person wants and what you want to give to him. Aside from that, check out the excellent counseling service in Littleton, CO which is not far from the Denver Botanic Gardens Chatfield Farms.

In addition, empathy is also important in counseling. That way, we can put our feelings and thoughts into a person’s feelings and thoughts in trouble, meaning that we are able to see other people’s problems from his perspective, not from your own perspective. With empathy people will feel that you are the right person to be a place for sharing, pay attention also to changing his facial expression and enter you in his sadness, with the meaning of the word if he cries does not mean you also have to cry, but give calm until he passes away from sadness that.